Documentation Road Map

The new OrangeFS online documentation set is being authored in phases to eventually address the information needs of evaluators, users, administrators and developers:


The following table describes each part (current and future) of the OrangeFS online documentation:




Administration Guide

OrangeFS 2.9

Information for post-installation administration, including security management, performance tuning, settings for all configuration files and troubleshooting.

Concepts Guide

OrangeFS 2.9

An overview of the design, concepts, features and terminology of OrangeFS. Includes architectural illustrations and a summary of current development efforts.

Installation Instructions

OrangeFS 2.8.5

Getting and preparing OrangeFS source files, installing and configuring the software for startup, and adding servers and clients.

Source Code Documentation


Directly generated from the source code, this separate documentation interface provides in-depth descriptions of the OrangeFS/PVFS2 source file components.

Developer Manual

Future release

For those who wish to participate in the OrangeFS development community, this manual covers the team's open source philosophy, a tour of, development processes and requirements, including procedures for accessing controlled source code.