Installation Guide

This part of the documentation provides instructions for installing OrangeFS. Topics are organized into these categories:

Quickstart Guides

Guides for a basic installation of OrangeFS, either with packages for CentOS and Fedora or building from source.

Installation Concepts

An overview of the four basic installation steps, including the concepts and icons associated with them throughout this Guide.


Preview of system, configuration and security considerations you must make prior to installation.

Build and Configure

Procedures for setting up and configuring the build system, ready for deployment to other systems in your OrangeFS solution.

Add Servers

Procedures for copying OrangeFS from the build system to each server, setting it up for security, then running it as part of your OrangeFS solution.

Add Clients

Individual procedures for the variety of client systems, environments and interfaces supported by OrangeFS.

Other Installation Topics

Miscellaneous topics about installation considerations and scenarios.

Who is this Information For?

This Installation Guide assumes you are experienced in installing and administering Linux operating system and application software. You should also be familiar with the basic concepts of parallel file systems and OrangeFS in particular.

About OrangeFS

OrangeFS is a next-generation parallel file system for compute and storage clusters of the future. OrangeFS data resides on multiple servers instead of just one. IO performance is gained by storing a file in objects across multiple servers and accessing these objects in parallel.