At the end of the Build and Configure step, the build system will include:

If you chose key-based security mode, the build system will also include:

If you chose certificate-based security mode, the build system will also include a CA certificate and key (orangefs-ca-cert.pem and orangefs-ca-cert-key.pem in /opt/orangefs/etc).

Installation Directory

Following is a top-level list of the orangefs installation directory:

/opt/orangefs $ ls
bin   include   lib   sbin   share   etc   log

Configuration File

Following is a sample OrangeFS configuration file:

/opt/orangefs/etc $ cat orangefs-server.conf
               UnexpectedRequests 50
               EventLogging none
               EnableTracing no
               LogStamp datetime
               BMIModules bmi_tcp
               FlowModules flowproto_multiqueue
               PerfUpdateInterval 1000
               ServerJobBMITimeoutSecs 30
               ServerJobFlowTimeoutSecs 30
               ClientJobBMITimeoutSecs 300
               ClientJobFlowTimeoutSecs 300
               ClientRetryLimit 5
               ClientRetryDelayMilliSecs 2000
               PrecreateBatchSize 0,32,512,32,32,32,0
               PrecreateLowThreshold 0,16,256,16,16,16,0

               DataStorageSpace /opt/orangefs/storage/data
               MetadataStorageSpace /opt/orangefs/storage/meta

               LogFile /var/log/orangefs-server.log

               Alias tweeks tcp://tweeks:3334

               Name orangefs
               ID 1600781381
               RootHandle 1048576
               FileStuffing yes
               DistrDirServersInitial 1
               DistrDirServersMax 1
               DistrDirSplitSize 100
                              Range tweeks 3-4611686018427387904
                              Range tweeks 4611686018427387905-9223372036854775806
                              TroveSyncMeta yes
                              TroveSyncData no
                              TroveMethod alt-aio

If you enabled key- or certificate-based security, a <Security> context will also be in the configuration file.

Here is an example <Security> context for key-based security:

     . . .
           ServerKey /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-serverkey.pem
           Keystore /opt/orangefs/etc/keystore
     . . .
. . .

Here is an example <Security> context for certificate-based security:

    . . .
          CAFile /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-ca-cert.pem
          ServerKey /opt/orangefs/etc/orangefs-ca-cert-key.pem
               Hosts ldap://
               BindDN cn=ofsadmin,dc=acme,dc=com
               BindPassword file:/opt/orangefs/etc/ldappw.txt
               SearchRoot ou=OrangeFS-Users,dc=acme,dc=com
               SearchMode CN
               SearchClass inetOrgPerson
               SearchAttr CN
               SearchScope subtree
               UIDAttr uidNumber
               GIDAttr gidNumber
               SearchTimeout 10
    . . .
. . .

The <Security> context can also be specified in a <ServerOptions> context for different settings on each server.

For more information, see Advanced Configuration > OrangeFS Configuration File.