Manual Installation

Important  The Client connects to a running OrangeFS server. If you have not yet installed the OrangeFS server components, consult the documentation and install the server before installing the Windows Client.

Follow the instructions below to install the OrangeFS Windows Client:

Download the ZIP file associated with your system type (64- or 32-bit):

  1. For 64-bit systems, download
  2. For 32-bit systems, download
         version# is the OrangeFS version, for example, 2.8.*.

Extract the ZIP file to any directory, where the OrangeFS and Dokan directories will be created.

Open a Command Prompt from Start | All Programs | Accessories to complete the following steps.

Install the Dokan driver:

  1. Change directory (cd) to the Dokan\DokanLibrary directory.

  2. Copy dokan.dll to the System32 directory: copy dokan.dll c:\windows\system32

  3. Copy dokan.sys to the system Drivers directory: copy dokan.sys c:\windows\system32\drivers

  4. Install the driver using dokanctl.exe: dokanctl /i d

  5. Restart your system.

Install the Dokan Mounter service:

  1. Change directory (cd) to the Dokan\DokanLibrary directory.
  2. Install the service using dokanctl.exe: dokanctl /i s

Install the OrangeFS Client service:

  1. Change directory (cd) to the OrangeFS\Client directory.

  2. Install the service using orangefs-client.exe: orangefs-client -installService

  3. Configure the OrangeFS Client by creating the orangefstab and orangefs.cfg files in OrangeFS\Client, following the instructions in the Client Administration > Configuration section of the Windows Client documentation.

  4. Start the Dokan Mounter and OrangeFS Client services using the Services Administrative Tool (Start | Control Panel Administrative Tools | Services).

Your OrangeFS file system should appear as a Removable Drive.

For troubleshooting, open the Event Log Administrative Tool and consult the Application Log. For additional help, consult the documentation.