Installing the Software

To install the OrangeFS Windows Client, you need the self-extracting installation program. Two versions are available, depending on your system’s processor type (32-bit or 64-bit).

Download and run orangefs-client-version-win32.exe or orangefs-client-version-win64.exe


version = version number of the executable

Example: orangefs-client-

Notes OS. It is best to run the installer as an administrative user (Administrator, for example).

After running the executable, follow these steps:

File System URI Enter the DNS name/IP address and port number of an OrangeFS file system server in a URI format: tcp://[hostname]:[port]/[FS_name] Example: tcp:// The default port number is 3334.
Mount Point Click the drop-down button to select a drive letter (E: to Z:) for the file system. Select Auto to use the first available drive letter (starting with E:).
User Mapping select List, Certificate, or LDAP. This corresponds with the mode of user mapping (described in the next step). If you are not sure, select List, as the settings can be changed later. Important The certificates must first be generated and placed in appropriate locations to support the Windows client before you can select the certificate mode. If you still need to complete this process, close the installation program and restart it when you have completed the certificate generation.
Click Next to continue.
List Map Add User If you selected list mode, enter one Windows user ID and the OrangeFS (Linux/UNIX-based) UID and primary GID for mapping. You will manually add additional users to the configuration file after the installation.
Certificate User Mapping If you selected certificate mode, enter the Windows prefix directory of your user and proxy certificates. The default is the user profile directory (C:\Users). You can also enter another location, for the prefix directory.
Setup Type If you selected ldap mode, a dialog provides three choices for your LDAP implementation (Microsoft Active Directory, Novell eDirectory or Custom). Select one and click Next. In the next dialog, enter the LDAP values required by OrangeFS. Note     Depending on your LDAP selection, some of the text fields that display in the dialog might already have entries.
For complete details on user mapping see Client Administration.

The final dialog displays with an option to start the OrangeFS service when you exit the installation program.\